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Bringing them out ?
Posted: 26/01/2011 by ellie2711

hi everyone, its almost time for my tortoises to come out and i was just wondering if theres a certain way to bring them out of hibernation? some websites say take them straight out however others say keep them warmer but still asleep in their boxes for another night. which way is the best ?

thanks hannah x

Re: Bringing them out ?
Posted: 27/01/2011 by TPGDarren

Hi Hannah,

Here's a link that will hopefully help.

I tend to open their boxes and move them into a warm room. Once they start scratching, around I place them in a luke warm bowl of water to enable them to start the rehydration process. The wake up time varies depending on the temparature of the room and the size of your tortoise.

Hope you're well


Kindest Regards




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