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dont care
Posted: 08/01/2011 by june

went to a large pet and garden place  near salisbury to get tortoise a new bed,while there i looked at the tortoises,wish i hadnt now as it upset me,they were in glass vivs,in one viv there were lots of tortoises in the bed area and in the outside bit there were torts,

that were very lifeless,some couldnt open there eyes,they looked

ill,they didnt have no heat,the food they had looked like it had been there for awhile,really manky looking,there were little insects

running over the cuttlefish,im never buying from them again,wish i could have brought them all,poor little mites



Re: dont care
Posted: 08/01/2011 by tpgAli


Unfortunately this is a story we hear all too often and that is why we are against tortoises being sold in pet shops or online shops. I know it is hard to walk away and we get many people say to us " I had to buy one as i felt sorry for it". The sad thing is when you do this you only make a space for another poor bugger.



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