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another tortoise yes or no
Posted: 04/01/2011 by june

hi i have a 3 year old horsfield tortoise,i was thinking of getting her a little friend,which would b better girl or boy,or would she b better on her own,thank you

Re: another tortoise yes or no
Posted: 04/01/2011 by tortoise7

Quite a few things to think about. Your little one is too young to sex just yet, it is not until they are 5+ sometimes longer that you can tell, so you could end up having to seperate anyway if for example, you have a male & female or two boys that could fight. Tortoises are solitary animals so they don't get lonely, also if you did get another one, then you would have to quarentine for 6 months to a year unless they came from the same breeder and clutch.
Sorry not trying to put you off, just trying to point out possible complications, I know I had some pointed out to me once when I was thinking of getting another little one, and was so grateful to them, as they said torts are for your lifetime so you have to think in the long term and housing them, which when I sat down and really thought about it, I would not have had enough room to house two torts seperately if the sexes did not match.

Re: another tortoise yes or no
Posted: 28/03/2011 by Baybee-Bat

I'm wondering this too. My Hermanns is 5 this year, but I recently fell in love with a 1 year old, one eyed Hermann. I'm worried that the size difference my be an issue. My current tortoise is very dosile and laid back, but it hasn't come in to contact with another tort since we adopted it!

Re: another tortoise yes or no
Posted: 29/03/2011 by VivTPG

Hi, you have to consider the points Jane pointed out to the other person (above), the baby hermann with the one eye would need to be quarantined from yours for at least 3-4 months, then when you introduce them the larger one may bully the little one, or the little one may not be able to compete with getting the food, especially having an eye missing.  Its a hard decision!!  Regards Vivienne

Re: another tortoise yes or no
Posted: 29/03/2011 by Baybee-Bat

Oh yeah! I wouldn't introduce them straight away. Percy should be moving to an outdoor enclosure soon so the one eyed baby can have his old cage.


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