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Extra cold conditions!!!
Posted: 20/12/2010 by DavidWYork

 I do hope everyone is keeping an eye on hibernation box temperatures, not those broadcast on weather reports! I have several thermometers and use soil box method. Soil does minimise variation of temps.hFrom years of experience however....I fear there may disasters for torts this winter. I remember around 1980 was a very bad winter, with many tortoises suffering eye damage and even blindness. Don't rely on one thermometer, or tv weather guides. Temperatures vary so much. Where I hibernate mine, even raising them from floor to table height can alter temperature by a degree or so. EVERYONE OUT THERE...CHECK REGULARLY!!!!!! Fingers crossed for an early, sustained, really warm springtime...and those scratching sounds we long for.        David in York

Re: Extra cold conditions!!!
Posted: 21/12/2010 by dewly

Thank you David for your invaluable advice. I have hibernated mine for the first time this year and am using the Fridge Method. I have 2 thermometers and check these at least 3 times a day. Still a really scary process though. They are into their 2nd week now and appear to be doing well.

Re: Extra cold conditions!!!
Posted: 26/12/2010 by Doug Keen

I agree with the advice about using at least 2 thermometers. Just because your thermometer is digital please do not assume it to be accurate. Also ensure you measure the temperature at the location of the tortoise as the temperature difference between the top of the box and the bottom of the box can be 2 degrees or more, this could be critical in a cold period such as we are currently experiencing.

No need to panic, just ensure that you are careful in the way you manage your pets hibernation and do not leave anything down to an element of luck.


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