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Urgent help required please
Posted: 17/12/2010 by esmeralda

Please can someone give me some advise? We have a Horsefield Tortoise, aged approx 10 years, although we have only owned him for the last 2. He has never hibernated before, but we are attempting it for the 1st time.After reading many articles, I decided to purchase a Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II - Incubator.The temp is set to 3-4oc but although he has been in there for 2 weeks,his limbs and head are stretched out and his eyes are open, he is also still moving around.I have been advised that a Horsefield usually takes longer to settle, but would have thought that 2 weeks was excessive and am thinking of taking him out and over wintering him.I would be grateful for some advice on this as I'm getting quite worried now.

Thanks in advance


Re: Urgent help required please
Posted: 18/12/2010 by tpgAli


I have just taken a look at the herp incubator you are using and it states the lowest temperature as 5c. This may not be cold enough for a horsfield which is why he is still awake and two weeks is a long time, i think you should consider getting him up if he doesnt settle down.


Re: Urgent help required please
Posted: 19/12/2010 by esmeralda

Thank you so much, this has put my mind to rest.As it was his 1st hibernation, I was very anxious.

The temperature on the Unit is set to 3c, the temp on the thermometer inside says 4c. However, after checking him again today, as he was still awake, I have taken him out.He has had a nice long soak, eaten a little and basked under his Solar Glo lamp. he appears quite active and has explored under wrapped presents under the Xmas Tree.....I'll try to hibernate again next year.  

Many Kind Regards

Re: Urgent help required please
Posted: 19/12/2010 by tortoise7

I had to make the same decision as you on my little one's first hibernation. I was a bit disappointed in myself that it did not go as I would have liked, but the most important thing is that we have our torts safe and healthy. Next year we will be more prepared for the problems we encountered this year. So lets enjoy having our little torts awake for christmas Click and drag me down to the editor

Jane, Keya & Molly


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