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New pair of Horsefields
Posted: 14/12/2010 by Kirstie

Having collected our beautiful pair of Horsfields from the lovely Helen, all seems well with  Samantha and Jessica (named by Ella aged 8) Been on tortoise watch most of the day. Lights on at 7 am this morning, breakfast was served at 8am, with a pinch of nutrabol and limestone flour.  Not too much activity during the day, just sleeping around their heat lamp. Bit of digging this afternoon, demolished and ate the spider plant cutting. A wee was discovered on the tile, didnt have any white texture in it though???? A poo was also discovered!! Then PANIC!! We have a tortoise missing. . lol. . . nearly completely buried in the soil/sand. . .assuming this is totally normal. She was then ready for her bath as she was very dirty. . .seem to like their baths, 20 mins with regular topping up of warmer water. Nice cuddle and chin stroked then off to bed with lights out at 630pm. Been and checked and both asleep inside house tonight, buried in corner with one on top of the other, is this normal too????Click and drag me down to the editor.

Re: New pair of Horsefields
Posted: 14/12/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Kirstie,

They are just being normal and settling into their new environment. Its worth bearing in mind that they will naturally slow down this time of year and this involves sleeping more and digging down. I prefer to feed mine around midday and i always bath them before they eat. Please be aware that horsfields are renowned pigs when it comes to food so it is important not to overfeed them, i only feed mine 5 days a week.



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