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No fear!
Posted: 06/12/2010 by Mozla


Our 2 yr old hermans tortoise is seriously into climbing and appears to have no fear whatsoever. He climbs on top of his hide and throws himself off, sometimes doing handstands and often ending up on his back. He is into moving things around by pushing them, to suit him and will systematically work out ways to escape.

He very rarely retracts into his shell when startled, is he just used to us and feels comfortable?

We should bave called him Houdini, is this all normal behaviour?

Re: No fear!
Posted: 07/12/2010 by tortoise7


You sure you haven't got a horsfield  they are normally the ones that are little tinkersClick and drag me down to the editor my goodness you do have a handful don't you? What temps are you keeping him at? if this is too high, it can make them hyperactive. That is only a thought of why he could be so active at this time of year, or he could just be very mischievous

Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: No fear!
Posted: 15/12/2010 by dewly

I have two Spurthighs, Alfie and Daisey, 2 yrs old. Alfie is for ever 'marching' round his Tort Table. He climbs every thing and he to seems to launch himself off of the higher parts of his enclosure landing in a hand stand position or on his back. I have tried to make the climbing areas a little safer by putting pieces of slate and rocks around the areas he has fallen from before so he can now actually climb down instead of falling down.
Little monkeys aren't they.
Julie xx


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