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do i hibernate
Posted: 25/11/2010 by louisej

Hi i have written before about my 3 year old horsefield tortoise.His eye problem has gone now but ha hasnt eaten anything for about 2 months.I offer him food but no luck keep bathing him but as soon as i put him under heat lamp stays for a couple of mins and goes back in his hide and burries himself.Should i just leave him but i feel he wants to hibernate.This will be his first time.If i go ahead plan to do box method do you think he would be ok in cupboard under stairs as it is quite cold in there.Please help i am really worried about him.Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: do i hibernate
Posted: 27/11/2010 by DavidWYork

What is the temperature under the stairs? I suspect it will be too warm, and he would stay alert using energy scrabbling around. Temp needs to be above 2deg c, but below 7 deg c. You need to monitor over several days. If you cannot maintain a low temperature, then either use fridge method (lots of info on this site), or overwinter(again, lots of info on this site). I would go for an 8-12 week hibernation at the correct temperature range. Keep us posted, and good luck. David in York.

Re: do i hibernate
Posted: 28/11/2010 by louisej

hi thanks for advice too cold in shed 0deg c and too warm in cupboard 15 deg c .If i put it in fridge is it ok to use my normal everyday fridge if i check on temp.Dont know where else to put him.Many thanks Louise


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