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leopard tortoise sleeping too much?
Posted: 22/11/2010 by HazelandSimon


We've recently got a new addition our family by way of a 3 year old Leopard Tortoise, 'George'. He came on saturday and was very shy at first but is starting to come around a little. We bathed him on Saturday and he 'came alive', started eating and walked around for a little while, however sunday and today is a different story. He does not want to come out of his hiding place and we have had to move it to encourage him to eat and go in his bath. He has eaten a little however not near as much as we thought he should be. He has not yet defacated however did urinate in the water on Saturday. We have checked the temperatures in the tortoise table and they appear to be o.k however he does not seem to want to go under the basking light. As soon as we take him out of his bed, he will eat and then try to go hide again. I'm concerned that there maybe something wrong or are we just worrying too much? can anyone help?Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: leopard tortoise sleeping too much?
Posted: 23/11/2010 by tpgAli


Im afraid im not that clued up on tropical species. Do you mind if i ask where you got your tortoise from? Also could you be a bit more specific on the set up and heating?


Re: leopard tortoise sleeping too much?
Posted: 05/12/2010 by terrypin

hi at 3 year old it is still very much a baby although their requirements are the same as adults they can be very much more sensitive to any changes in temperature and light density.can i ask how he/she is being kept the temperatures and lighting also substrate and diet.



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