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Posted: 17/11/2010 by HELEN J

Hi,i'm hoping that Kevin will read and respond to my post, I have just joined the forum as i'm worried about my tortoise, he is 13 years old,he started eating less as the summer ended and towards the end of september he stopped completely,he had several baths and then by the last week in october he had stopped coming out of his hutch during the day,he was outside in a locked hutch at night apart from 1 or 2 when we had frost and then last week i bathed him and the following day boxed him up to hibernate, the room temps have been hovering at 10 degrees until today when they reduced to 9.6 and as it gets colder they will stabilise to more correct temperatures from now on should be below 10,it is an unheated store room so no danger of freezing etc, i check him every day at the moment and he hasn't moved but is not yet properly asleep! he has been checked by a vet and his weight is fine with no other health worries,he was wormed early summer and had a good few months eating copius amounts of weeds. do I just leave him boxed up now?


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