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To hibernate or not??
Posted: 12/11/2010 by ziggymetz

I have two Hermanns who were both hibernated last year successfully. We have been winding down now for three weeks and was going to hibernate Ziggy at the weekend, and Tilly next week as she is so much bigger, just checking on the Jackson ratio calculatore and have the two results.
Ziggy 5yrs old SCL 13.8cm, weight 487, JR 18.5
Tilly about 40yrs old, SCL 19.3cm weight 1249 JR 17.3 - is it safe to hibernate them they are a little light acording to the graph? Thanking you in advance :-)

Re: To hibernate or not??
Posted: 14/11/2010 by TPGDave

Hi there, tricky one this. Do you have their weights prior to the start of the wind down? They are low on the jacksons ratio but it would be useful to know if this loss has happened in the last few weeks.

Re: To hibernate or not??
Posted: 15/11/2010 by ziggymetz

Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply.
The last weights I can find recorded are from 20th August Tilly = 1374gm (she did not eat as much after this time on her own preference food was offered), Ziggy 523gm she has damage to her beak due to biting Tilly's leg when the beak was broken off in early October, she lost about 8gms due to not being able to eat for a few days, she is under the care of Holly House Vets who have given her the ok to hibernate from an end of October wind down, her beak is now starting to grow back again, after the August date I was in hospital and have not been able to be as careful with weights as before I was ill.
The last weights I have are from start of wind down as follows
24 Oct, Tilly = 1366gm and Ziggy = 515gm
5 Nov, Tilly = 1257gm and Ziggy = 489gm
12 Nov, Tilly = 1249g and Ziggy = 487gm
Tilly just did not seem to want to slow down and I think this could be why she has lost so much weight, I just have not been able to keep her cold enough till this last week as the outside temps have started to get colder, Ziggy has not had problem with the temperatures and has not been moving around for a while hence the slower weight loss, I do keep the torts in separate table tops when inside as Ziggy has started to be aggressive to Tilly, both torts had no problems last year and hibernation went as smooth as clockwork, Thanks for the help Dave


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