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Advice please on Jackson Ratio
Posted: 07/11/2010 by wendyp

After having 2 healthy tortoises for 5 years now i feel it is time to be brave and hibernate them. Having done a lot of reading about it i am just about to start the wind down period. After weighing and measuring them both i have discovered that Barney at 454g and Buttercup at 992g are both on the low line of the Jackson ratio.I would welcome any advice from an experienced "Hibernator" !
Thanks Wendy

Re: Advice please on Jackson Ratio
Posted: 09/11/2010 by TPGDave

Hi Wendy,

Can I ask which species of tortoise you own please?

It is difficult to advise what to do when a tortoise appears healty, has had a good summer but is low on the jackson ratio. This a guideline graph but if they have bern measured correctly, like this

Im tempted to say that as this would be their first hibernation with you, if you have the facilities to keep them up, overwintering may be the best option this time round. It wasnt a great summer (again) for tortoises this year, lots of patchy sunny spells.

Re: Advice please on Jackson Ratio
Posted: 10/11/2010 by wendyp

Thanks for the reply . They are both Hermann tortoises. I really struggle overwintering them especially my large female as she bashes around in her indoor ,wooden table top house just wanting to be outside. She laid 9 eggs this year , 8 of them infertile as they were her first clutch. My male is much more subdued and easier to care for. I had a look at the link and i did weigh and measure them correctly. Confused what to do !! They are now on a week of wind down and parading around looking for food !!

Re: Advice please on Jackson Ratio
Posted: 17/11/2010 by TPGDave

Sorry its taken so long to reply, you must be week 2 of wind down now! I think as ling as the tortoises are monitored thatvthey should be ok to hibernate. Percentage weight loss whilst in hibernation should be minimal. Any signs of sudden or large weight loss during the hibetnation you will need to awaken and overwinter them.


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