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urgent help please
Posted: 06/11/2010 by janiels


I feel such a bad tort keeperClick and drag me down to the editor

My hermanns were ready to hibernate-had started tunnelling very early on in sept-we had to keep digging them did the 4 week wind down by the book.

Did box method as hubby refuses to let me buy a fridge...again, by the book (as did last year) packed aroung the inner box with ice packs and polystyrene to insulate, changed ice packs  daily but after only a week Twinkle  has woken and Pringle, though eyes shut, is definitely moviing about.

I have bathed Twinkle - he is deffo awake-I think Pringle is too, eyes shut but deffo moving around box. So, my question is please-I presume I have to over winter them now- or can they re hibernate in Dec/Jan? Sorry if that is a really stupid question. I have a vivarium which I will put them in for now but that is obviously not ideal for the whole winter-just as emergency. please could someone advise me urgently and sorry I have messed it up-this weather down south is so up and down


Thank you

Janie x

Re: urgent help please
Posted: 06/11/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Janie,

I live in the south and if this year is anything like last year then we are in for some harsh weather. You cannot re-hibernate once they have woken, i strongly would not advise this, all you need to worry about is bathing on a regular basis and keep an eye on the eyes they need to be open, also get them out of the vivarium and into a tortoise table you can make one really cheap.


Re: urgent help please
Posted: 07/11/2010 by janiels

Thanks Ali

I have a table - we had it specially made and used it outside during the summer months as it has a little house at the back and a removable lid plus gate at the front which we could shut at night to keep them safe from foxes.I am bringing it in to put on a table in our garage and have a heat lamp to clip on for them to bask under. Does this all sound ok to you?

Thank you.

Janie x

Re: urgent help please
Posted: 07/11/2010 by tpgAli

Yes Janie that sounds fine but you may need extra heat in the garage on colder days and nights.


Re: urgent help please
Posted: 05/11/2011 by d.hameedi

try wash the eyes


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