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New home check
Posted: 01/11/2010 by Karen Rooney


I bought two Hermanns tortoises yesterday and have followed all of the guidelines regarding indoor housing -  they are in an open pen with 50/50 topsoil/sand, lamp at one end etc. I am concerned as one of the tortoises keeps digging into the soil to the degreee she is completely covered and then the other one burrows on top of her but that one is only half covered - this is all going on under some bark so they are already hidden.

The breeder had them in a vivarium with newspaper as a substrate (interestingly everything that you advise not to do!). The soil/sand is quite cold to the touch and moist so a completely different environment, I am therefore concerned I have changed too much for them too soon. However the other one seems completely happy, eating well and this morning was basking under the lamp.

Can you please advise whether such drastic changes to their environment are ok and whilst I have read that burrowing seems quite normal I am starting to wonder whether she is trying to hibernate. I did dig her out to check she was still alive this morning so I would also appreciate some advice as to whether I should disturb them or not.



Re: New home check
Posted: 01/11/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Karen,

Please try not to worry, you are doing everything right. They will take time to adjust to their new better environment and they like to dig down it is completely natural. They tend to slow down this time of year anyway whether or not you overwinter them. Your tortoise will soon pick up and start eating like the other one, just give him time.

Ali (TPG)

Re: New home check
Posted: 02/11/2010 by Karen Rooney

Thanks Ali, they are already much brighter today so panic over! never thought it would be this fretful!

Thanks again


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