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Posted: 01/11/2010 by emjay

May sound like an odd question, but do tortoises like their heads being stroked?  Our year old horsefield Harry really seems to enjoy it, at least I think he does?  I've been giving him a nice bath each evening and when I get him out to dry him I have 5 - 10 minutes stroking the top of his head and also under his chin.  He really pushes his head up on to my finger as if he's saying 'i've got the spot'  he just reminds me of when you stroke a cat or a dog.  His eyes are really bright and I swear he looks like he's smiling!  Does anybody elses torts like this?  I'm sure I read somewhere that they don't usually like being handled, Harry does seem to be very sociable!

Posted: 02/11/2010 by Mozla


Our tortoise definitely likes having his head stroked and will also put out his back legs for stroking too. He has learn't to climb on his water dish and will put his head up to the glass as if to say 'let me out!' When we get him out he really does look as if he is smiling and if you put him back before he is ready he seems to go into a huff, turning his back on you. Human emotions or what!


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