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Box ventilation
Posted: 31/10/2010 by KNS

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For each tort, we've got a cardboard box (the type used for A4 paper), which fits fairly snuggly inside a lidded polystyrene box, with a very small space between the boxes for a bit of shredded paper.  We know we need to make holes for ventilation - can anyone give us an idea of how many/what size the holes should be and where -  I was thinking just in the lid?

Thank you.

Re: Box ventilation
Posted: 31/10/2010 by tpgAli


I used to put a few holes in the side of the inner box as well as the lid when i used the box method. You need about a dozen holes in the top and about the same size as a pencil (circumference)


Re: Box ventilation
Posted: 02/11/2010 by KNS

Thanks Ali, will do that. 

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