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should he hibernate
Posted: 29/10/2010 by SuperMo

My 5 year old Horsefield went missing for 5 weeks and was found yesterday, so has been outdoors for 5 weeks. He seems really well and very lively, but has lost about 15-20 gms (now 365 g). Should I proceed with hibernating him, or over-winter him? If the latter, what does over-wintering entail?
many thanks.

Re: should he hibernate
Posted: 30/10/2010 by tpgAli


Im glad you found your tortoise. Personally i wouldnt hibernate him for at least a few months. Keep him nice and warm and feed him up, you need to make sure the cold damp weather hasnt affected him especially as horsfields do not do well in damp conditions, if he builds himself up and has no signs of a runny nose or wheezing then you could start to wind him down december time. Overwintering is much the same as keeping them in the summer but just make sure he is kept warm so he continues to feed.



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