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Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 26/10/2010 by leaf17


I have always wanted a tortoise and my birthday is coming up so I plan to treat myself!

Please could I get some advice on the characteristics of different species and what might be best for a newbie to the world of the tortoise?

Thanks very much, Jack.

Re: Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 26/10/2010 by Carlygeorge

Hi Jack,

I am also a newbie and have just bought two 1 year old Hermann's Tortoises.  They are adorable and I would recommend anyone to get a Hermanns.  However, I have only had them for 3-4 weeks so who am I to judge.


Re: Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 26/10/2010 by leaf17

Hi Carly,
I have read lots of good things about Hermann's.
Can I ask where you got them from?
Is it a better idea to buy 2 so they can keep each other company?


Re: Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 26/10/2010 by winnie

Hi Jack

Soon you'll be a tort owner and you'll never look back once you get your new charge. Could I make a suggestion please.... if you're getting a new tort please don't buy from a pet shop/garden centre. These torts tend to be wild caught and the advice you are given on housing and feeding is usually totally wrong. If you're wanting a hatchling then buy a captive bred one from a breeder (there'll be a list on here) or you could go down the rescue/rehoming line if you don't mind taking on an older tort, there's plenty out there in need of new, permanent homes through no fault of their own. Sorry I can't advise you on what species to get. I've only ever had Horsfields which I think are fab (but I could be classed as bias) but non of them are "easy torts", you need to make sure you get the correct information regarding housing, lighting & temps and diet etc. Your on a good site here. There's loads of keepers on here both experienced and new who will be only to happy to help. This is where I came when I got my first tort and now they can't get rid of me Click and drag me down to the editor Click and drag me down to the editor Click and drag me down to the editor . I'm learning all the time with my 3, that's why sites like this are so valuable.

Iseem to of waffled on an awful lot don't I !. I'll jump off here and let one of the experts help you out. Good luck in getting a happy and healthy tort.


Re: Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 27/10/2010 by leaf17

Please do not hesitate to waffle!

Carly, could you tell me a bit about your Hermann's? And Winnie, how about your Horsfields?

I have barely spent any time with 'torts' so am pretty much clueless. Do they tend grow attached to their owners in a similar way to dogs or cats may do? 



Re: Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 30/10/2010 by SuperMo

Hi Jack, We have had our first Hosefield, Rover, since March, and love him. I think he has grown attached. He likes to have a snuggle with my daughter and will go to sleep on her . Also he has a worrying attachment to my husband's feet for some reason, and when he has the run of the house he gravitates pretty rapidly to where Richard sits at the computer.
He responds to us, but it did take some months for him to settle in . I gather torts are actually quite emotional creatures, and upset easily, e.g. by a new home and food. So don't despair if your new tort doesn't eat well initially. He should come out of his shell eventually - geddit!!? I am hilarious!! (but the content is serious).

Re: Help please tortoise lovers
Posted: 30/10/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Maureen,

Please dont think im having a go but it really isnt advisible to let a tortoise roam around the house, im saying this because ive had personal experience of the dangers when i let my male ibera Timmy have the run of the house for a few hours a day when we had him indoors one winter, someone opened a door when he was next to it and it caused quite severe damage to his jaw which ended up an emergency trip to the vets, a bill for almost 300 and a very painful experience for the tortoise. This is just one of the dangers but there are many dangers out there.  They need a stable environment that meets their needs as they do not do well to change, please bear this in mind.

Ali (TPG)



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