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length of wind down
Posted: 22/10/2010 by winnie

Hi guys,

Can I just double check on the length of winddown for a horsfield that's apx 3 yrs old. Is it 4 weeks ?

Many thanks, Winnie

Re: length of wind down
Posted: 22/10/2010 by TPGDarren

Hi Winnie,

Three weeks may do the trick. Just keep an eye on the passing of stools. It can vary a from tortoise to tortoise (particularly relating to size) and also on the temps during wind-down. The warmer the temps the quicker they will digest and pass food.


Re: length of wind down
Posted: 25/10/2010 by winnie

Last year I followed the 4 wk (5 days/wk) wind down for my 6+yr horsfield. Is this ok to use for my 5 yr horsfield?. Also, I have 2 horsfields in together. One has started her wind down, the other will be started later as she is still mooching and munching. I didn't have a spare table to split them so was wandering if this set up is ok. I know I've made their space smaller buy it's only until the first one goes into the fridge in 4 weeks.

Re: length of wind down
Posted: 25/10/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Winnie,

I'd say the wind down period is fine for the 5 yr old, horsfields are tough little cookies. Dont worry too much about the ones that are together, i keep mine in a group and some always wind down before the others, they just seem to shut themselves off and get on with it.

I hate this time time of year and even after 11 years of hibernating mine i still get nervousClick and drag me down to the editor



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