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Lazy and Aggressive!
Posted: 06/10/2010 by Lorna

Hello Everyone!!Click and drag me down to the editor

Ive had my boys for about 3 months (Bert approx 3 and Archie Approx 1 or 2) I bought them from an absolutely horrendous shop who gave me all the wrong info on how to care for them. I have now got there home all rectified and they seem happier  than they were before......

However after reading some of the posts on here im not sure, They both seem to be a little bit lazy and Unless I wake them up on a morning im certain they would not get up out of bed! I have correct UVA/B and its definately warm enough they have been wormed recently and had a health check. Is it just the temprament of my torts??

Also the smaller 1 of the 2 Archie, Keeps biting Bert! He tried to do 3 times already this morning and I kept moving him away but he literally just kept running back over to him and went for his legs and neck!    But Bert just doesnt seen bothered by him at all and sometimes he try trample all over him trying to instegate the fight!

On 1 occasion wen I was at work I saw a brownish mark on his neck which looks like he may have drawn a bit of blood but nothing major YET??!!

Any advise!??


Lorna! x x Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Lazy and Aggressive!
Posted: 08/10/2010 by rachaelbrown3

Hi Lorna! Are those pictures of the torts in your home or in the pet shop?

Only as the diet has far too much fruit and the substrate is completely incorrect (and possibly dasngerous) for horsefield tortoises. They should be on a deep sandy soil substrate which will encourage their natural digging behavoiur. Horsefields are quite agressive, and can cause problems if you have more than one male. I am not an expert on horsefield torts - i keep hermans, so maybe someone else can give more specific advice than I can.
Rachael x

Re: Lazy and Aggressive!
Posted: 08/10/2010 by Lorna

Hi Rachael!

I know now about the substrate and fruit luckily it was only a week before I found out how incorrect the substrate was, and they only had the fruit that once!

They now have weeds and cucumber and are in sand and soil!

Those pictures were when I first got them!

Lorna x


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