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horsefiel diet
Posted: 04/10/2010 by Nigel salt

Hi, i bought a horsefield from a pet shop thinking it was o.k. I think she has been fed on pellets. Since i have had her i have fed her on fresh weeds with added nutrobol. She only seems to be eating the bare minimum so should i carry on feeding weeds or get some pellets and try and slowly introduce weeds to the diet. She seems in very good condition, very lively, friendly and seems to be a good weight.  Nigel

Re: horsefiel diet
Posted: 05/10/2010 by TPGDave

Hi Nigel,

A new tortoise might take a while to settle in, its all a bit unfamiliar. Horsfields are quite greedy in captivity, easily overfed once they get going. Keep going with the weeds, once a Horsfield starts eating its very hard to stop them! Can I just ask what the temperatures are like under the basking lamp and at the cooler end? You want to aim for 33-34 c under the basking spot, around 20 in the cool end during the day.

Re: horsefiel diet
Posted: 06/10/2010 by Nigel salt

Hi, the top end of the table is 30, middle 25 and the end 19. By choice she seems to spend most of her time at the end of the table and when i pick her up she does seem to be quite cool. I am trying to encourage her to spend more time at the warmer end of the table by moving her faviorite hide which is a little cave to the top end.

thanks for your advice. Nigel



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