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do you have to hibernate
Posted: 04/10/2010 by Nigel salt

Hi I have two tortoise's about three years old one herman and one horsefield.I have two very large heated area's to keep them in so do I have to hibernate my tortoise's during winter.     Nigel

Re: do you have to hibernate
Posted: 05/10/2010 by tortoise7

Hi Nigel
This is a very big question and it is one that you have to take alot into consideration. Personally I would say if they have been healthy all year and YOU feel confident in doing the hibernation, then that is what torts body's do naturally. I have a 4yr old and this will be the first year that I have hibernated her because I have not felt confident myself and her weight has fluctuated too much. I hibernate my adult one and feel she feels the  benefits from it, plus she has taught me what to do. You can overwinter torts no problem, but have a read up on it all and  then decide.
jane, Keya & Molly


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