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Posted: 03/10/2010 by tigerblade

Yesterday my daughter and I purchased a 3 month old Hermans Tortoise and starter kit:

Vivarium - 24x18x18'' (Toughened Glass, Sealed, Hardbacked)
Micro Climate Dimming Thermostat
Glo UV Starter Unit
Exo Terra 10% UV Tube
Heat Bulb Reflector
Light Kit
Micro Climate Heatmat
Komodo Thermometer
Pro Rep Tortoise Bedding
Exo Terra Cactus
Living World Hides
JBL Terra Vitamins
Komodo Calcium +D3
Repti Rock Water & Feeding Dish

After setting up the viv I found your web site and read what a bad idea that was, so immediately moved it to a indoor rabbit run and put it on sand/topsoil mix and put the basking lamp at one and and the UV along the side.
So I'm stuck with a lot of expensive equipment I do not need.

My question really is how do I approach the store for a refund? I setup all the equipment so it is in 'used' condition.

This was a big reputable (or so I thought) shop How have they given me such bad advice?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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