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Feeling sad!
Posted: 22/09/2010 by kazza

Having been patient for 64 days, tonight we held a light to the eggs and they seem to be transparent and we can't see anything inside Click and drag me down to the editor.

They have expanded and we believe we have done everything correct as far as temperature and incubation but after seeing the lovely photos on the site from Paul and Donna, I fear that we are not going to be so lucky.

How long do I continue to hold out any hope of hatchlings?

Would it really be obvious at this late stage that they were fertile?

Karen Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Feeling sad!
Posted: 22/09/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Karen, they can look transparent at the top half of the egg as this is where the carapace shell is, the legs are at the bottom.  Sometime when candled you can see an arm or leg move.

But I have been candling mine over the 60 days and mine look infertile.  All I can see is what looks like an empty shell at the top and the yolk settled in the bottom half.  I have let mine go a month over the due date and gave up on them yesterdayClick and drag me down to the editorClick and drag me down to the editor I dont want them exploding rotten egg in the incubator.Click and drag me down to the editor

So I would persevere a little more on your eggs just incase they are ready to hatch.

Regards Vivienne 

Re: Feeling sad!
Posted: 23/09/2010 by cath

Karen dont give up yet, my latest a Herrmann went to 73 days

xxxxxxxxx Cath

Re: Feeling sad!
Posted: 12/10/2010 by donnafj

Hi Kazza

Just to let you know that i candled my egg on the friday night and i told donna when she came home that there was nothing in the said egg. And i was very dissapointed but then we awoke on the sunday morning to find that the egg that i could not see anything in was infact hatching.

So try to stay upbeat because you never know.

Paul & Donna


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