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Posted: 20/09/2010 by winnie

I have a few questions on supplements if thats ok?

At the moment I give nutrabol 3 days/wk and ls flour on the other days. Cuttlefish is always in. Someone suggested that I put ls flour and nutrabol in a salt shaker and give this daily. Can this be done?. I thought it might be to much. Is grated cuttlefish better then ls flour or are they roughly the same?. Last but not least, I read that someone gives nutrabol daily on food and leaves a bowl of ls flour in the table for tort to eat at will but what do you do if your tort doesn't eat it as I presume it won't be getting its calcium intake.

I ordered some giant cuttlefish for my torts through work. The order book gave the quantity as 1 so I ordered 2, 1 for Stevie and one for the girls. When the delivery came all I could say was oops!!. Anybody want any cuttlefish?, I've now got 2 box loads. Not bad for just over 7 each. The shops were charging this for just 3 small ones in a pack.


Re: supplements
Posted: 20/09/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Winnie, you are doing it correctly, we dont recommend you mix the two together, they should be given separately as you are doing.

Here is a link to a thread where Darren explained the use of limestone flour and cuttlefish please read to the end where he explains of the dangers of giving too much flour.

Regards Vivienne


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