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Posted: 20/09/2010 by kazza

I would be grateful of some advice.

I have 2 spur thighed torts, 10 years old. I was given them last year and in their old home, they buried themselves in a greenhouse for their hibernation. They now have the run of the garden at my home and a tortoise house which I put them in at night BUT at this time of year, when I get back from work, they have buried themselves so deep that I have to dig up half the garden to find them and put them in their house!! It's far too early to put them into hibernation but if i put them in the run before I go to work, it seems really unfair to contain them (when the days can still be quite sunny)

Do you think it is ok to leave them buried and hope they come out the following day? I'm nervous of a sudden frost.

Grateful for any advice


Re: Burying
Posted: 20/09/2010 by VivTPG

Hi, I'm like you I have to scout round looking for some of mine that are beginning to bury themselves and I dont feel safe leaving them over night mainly because of preditors but now with the frost as well.  

Could you not put a rabbit run around their house, so they can still go out but are restricted by the walls of the run (make sure they cannot see through the run eg chicken mesh), would that help?

Regards Vivienne

Re: Burying
Posted: 21/09/2010 by kazza

Yes, I think restricting them for a few weeks is better that digging up the garden every night. They are able to see through the wire in the run we have built. I'll adapt it so they can't see through it.

Thanks for the advice Click and drag me down to the editor


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