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which SAND??
Posted: 07/09/2010 by azra

Hi there, is it okay to use 'bird sand'  -  the type with grit mixed in with it (the stuff they sell in 25kg sacks in pet shops?  Will mix it with sterelised topsoil for substrate.  What does everyone else use??? thanks. Azra

Re: which SAND??
Posted: 08/09/2010 by winnie

Hi Azra,

Never used this myself so can't say whether it's ok or not. I and I think you'll find most other keepers use childrens play pit sand. You can purchase it from a lot of places, I've bought it from Argos and B&Q and it's not expensive.

Hope this helps,


Re: which SAND??
Posted: 08/09/2010 by TPGDave

Hi there

Tortoises are inclined to eat very small stones and occasuonally they have problems passing them out the other end so its probably best to avoid grit although I know the fragments are small. As Winnie has said childrens play sand is the best and safest thing to use. If ingested itll pass straight through.

Hope this helps

Re: which SAND??
Posted: 09/09/2010 by azra

Thanks for your replies - I will get the play sand from B&Q or similar place.

It was worth asking on this forum, because I was thinking, "well that sounds like a hand product" - with all its sterelising etc. etc !!

Cheers, Azra


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