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advice needed plz
Posted: 29/08/2010 by shazzler

can anybody give me some advice on whats the best thing for twiglet, for the past 3 weeks hes been really down in  the dumps, he gets up , warms up has a small amount to eat  then he totters off under his hide for the majority off his day i hve to take him out so i can bathe him otherwise he wouldnt bother drinking even tho his dish is always clean n fresh. it looks like hes trying to go into a hib windown but its much too early for him.

ive changed his lighting to a repti sun tube plus seperate heating , his temps are ok but any advice is always welcome

thanks xxx

Re: advice needed plz
Posted: 29/08/2010 by winnie

Hi Shazzler,

Although this is probably not much help my horsfield Stevie is doing exactly the same. Sleeping more then usual, eating, but not as much and spending a lot of the time away from his light. He does pick up quite a bit when I put him outside for some sunshine but the weather has been so yuk this hasn't happened much. I have read of quite a few others torts doing the same and it has been mentioned that the weather could have a lot to do with it, plus the dark nights are now drawing in also. I think alot of the time, if our torts are in good health, they seem to know more then us what's best for them and when they need to alter their behaviour. Hope he's ok.


Re: advice needed plz
Posted: 29/08/2010 by cath

Is Twiglet inside and how old is he ?

Maybe not much help and I'm sure an expert will help soon,,,But one of mine an adult male dose the same every year, he lives in the greenhouse and during the day temps can be very high but now the night time temp have dropped he's been doing the same digging down,, I know its just his character I dont worry so much, the weather has been so wet/dull I think some torts are like us and just have too have that sunshine, Last year my baby Lucky tried to hibernate at 2 months old and I found using a red bulb suspended over his table at night stopped this,didn't disturb his sleep either, had it high off him just to raise the night time temps, if you try this Please ensure you bath very regularly to ensure he doesn't dehydrate,

I hav'too dig my adult male up every day, but once he's had a long warm bath warmed right through again he's fine, all he thinks is females ;-) ;-) then food   

My female is the opposite cant get her down she would stay up all winter quite happily, their all different,

 My lighting is a combined uvb bulb I did have separate heat and uvb strip but found the combined bulbs better,, 

Hope some one comes along soon for you.   xx Cath    

Re: advice needed plz
Posted: 30/08/2010 by shazzler

thanks for the advice, he/she is apparantley about 4yrs old and he did have a mega ray but ive had that for 2 yrs and i wasnt sure how much uv it was giving off so i changed to be on the best side, his temps are fine but yes hes indoors due to the weather although he is going out today for some natural sun which will hopefully perk him up abit, i will monitor him for a few more weeks but i think he will be getting a full MOT before this yrs hibernation as i want him to be 100% before his sleep,

thanks again xxxxx


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