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Help please.....
Posted: 27/08/2010 by marilyn

Hello All,  Advice please....   My 3 years old Hermann is buring in and sleeping all the time.  I am having to wake him every day to feed.   It's almost as though he's trying to hibernate already.  His temp. is accurate and his UVB is on for 10 hours .... what else can I do to keep him awake ?     love from Marilyn. xxClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: Help please.....
Posted: 29/08/2010 by tortoise7

Hi Marilyn
If it is any help, my Molly the adult has stopped eating for 3 days now, today I tempted her with some cucumber and a warm bath which seemed to kick start her, and she ate this morning. My 4 yr old Keya hasn't hibernated before due to various reasons and is still eating OK, so I am guessing that yours has hibernated before so they are thinking that this weather is autumn!! even we are fooled, I put my heating on last!!!
Am I right in thinking that your tort is indoors? also what are the temps? how long have you had them? sorry for all questions just might help everyone to offer their guidance. All those factors need to be taken into consideration, as you don't want assume anything and miss them getting poorly
Hope this helps or gives some reassuarance
Jane, Keya & Molly XXXX



Re: Help please.....
Posted: 29/08/2010 by winnie

Hi Jane,

Just wanted to pick your brains on over wintering. I haven't had my two newbys long and I'm thinking of keeping both/one (the little one) awake this winter. Having never over wintered before I'm wandering whether I'm supposed to raise the temps or just carry on as normal with lights etc. The thing I'm worried about most is that last year Stevie decided when he was going to start his wind down and I couldn't do anything but go along with him as he just wouldn't eat. If they do refuse to eat do I go along with them and hibernate?????. Mine are all Horsfields with a very thick stubborn streak!


Re: Help please.....
Posted: 31/08/2010 by marilyn

Hello Jane,   Thank you so much for responding to my plea.    Yes, Toto did hibernate last Winter but I had to wake him because he started losing too much weight.  He is indoors but I wake him everyday to take him into the garden (when it's warm enough) ... I bring him in again if the temp.outside  drops so his core temp. doesn't drop too far.. then put him back into his enclosure with his basking lamp on.   I have had him for 20 months ....   He has a basking lamp and a uvb sun tube lamp which is 7 months old.... (I shall replace this very soon)....   The temp. is controlled at 29/30 c and his sun lamp is on for 10 hours a day.      He also has a megaray lamp (as a spare) ....   so I may well start using this again.   I will give him a warm bath tomorrow to see if this helps...Click and drag me down to the editor.   Thank you for your help....  love from Marilyn.  xx 

Re: Help please.....
Posted: 03/09/2010 by robertsutton1978

Hi Marilyn

My 3 year old Hermann's is behaving exactly like yours at the moment.

I've been giving him a warm bath every morning which seems to help but he's still quiet.

It does seem to be a weather issue, as when he has been out this week in the warmer weather, he's been a lot more active.

I only use a mega ray light on his table so I'm thinking about getting another light. I wondering if increasing the light will help as I know the heat inside is correct.



Re: Help please.....
Posted: 05/09/2010 by marilyn

Hello Robert,  Oh thank you... that is very re-assuring that your little one is behaving the same.   I have now placed another heat bulb in Toto's enclosure but still be buries in and sleeps.  I am still waking him every day.  Once he is out in the garden he seems fine but still isn't eating very much.   I always bring him in once the sun has left his area and pop him back onto his table with the heat and uvb lamp on so he can warm up again.  They are such a worry sometimes  aren't they. ???   It's probably completely normal for them to behave this way but they don't realise how much we love them....  Thank you so much for your help. love Marilyn. x

Re: Help please.....
Posted: 06/09/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Marilyn, yes its that time of year again when they sense the weather cooling and become more sluggish, I have lowered my lamps a little to increase the temps, hopefully to keep them active longer!

And yes Robert, I use the mercury vapour lamps, I also add a spot bulb to increase the heat and its also adds different light rays that the heat lamp doesnt provide.

Regards Vivienne


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