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My tortoise won't eat
Posted: 25/08/2010 by jo476

Hi all,

I am very concerned about my 2 year old hermann tortoise. We bought her 1 year ago and she was fine. She ate loads and was very active. We feed her weeds and on the odd occassion tomatoe. We recently went on holiday and took her to my mother in laws for a week. Her table went with her so nothing changed in that respect. The only thing is that it may have been hotter as she stayed in a conservatory not the house.

The tortoise table is very large and she has the correct UV lamp etc. Since getting her home she just wants to sleep all the time. She use to wake herself up and bask for a while, eat loads then have an afternoon nap, eat again then go to bed. Now she doesn't even get herself up. I get her up in the mornings and put her under her lamp, occassionally she will have a wander round and sniff at food but rarely eats it. She does not look ill and weighs 5 oz.

When it's warm i put her outside and she is very active but still doesn't eat anything.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Oh, i took her to a vet recently who said she looked fine and gave her a injection to boost appetite, but it didn't work. (the vet didn't really convince me to be honest).

Thank you


Re: My tortoise won't eat
Posted: 04/09/2010 by TPGDave

Hello there,

Apologies for the delay in replying to your question, how is your tortoise at the moment, any improvement in the eating? If not, I think a visit to a specialist vet might be an idea, you can find a list here

If none are near to you please let us know, a member of the site may know of a good vet local to you.


Please ensure that if your tortoise is not eating you try and keep it hydrated. Please let us know how things are going.


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