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Tortoise ID
Posted: 23/08/2010 by SarahC


My Aunt died recently so I have unexpectedly inherited a tortoise (Noote).  I know my Aunt got him when she as a child so I think he is about 50 years old but I have no idea what kind of tortoise he is.  I always loved Noote and so am keen to offer him a good home and so have been doing as much research as I can to try and care for him but I really need to know what species he is and so would appreciate any help in identifying him.  I've uploaded some photos of him which will hopefully be of good enough quality; he is 21cm long and weighs approx 1.5kg





Re: Tortoise ID
Posted: 26/08/2010 by nutsmum

Hi sarah

Noote looks like he is a Tgg.

A very nice tortoise you have there.


Re: Tortoise ID
Posted: 08/09/2010 by Bindi

I agree with Deb, male Testudo graeca graeca, possibly Algerian in origin


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