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Searching for Hermanns
Posted: 22/08/2010 by Snucky

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I have been doing quite a bit of research into tortoise husbandry and have made the decision that I would like to give a home to a Hermann's tortoise. This will be my first tortoise, and I have eagerly built and set up an indoor tortoise table (4ft x 2.5ft) and an outdoor run for the Summer (about the same size but two floors).

I've been reading the 'substrate debates' and opted for a sand/woodchip mix, although will be usign sand/soil after this needs changing. I decided to use a combined heat/UVB bulb and reflector, and I have begun to grow weeds for when the garden stock runs out. So that's all sorted I think, but I am missing one thing, a little shelled inhabitant.

The problem I'm having is finding a breeder; I live in Devon, and can only find tortsue on the list of breeders here. I have sent her an email but in the meantime just wondered if anyone knew of any tortoises looking for a home in this area.

Hope you can help.

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