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Oustside dome
Posted: 21/08/2010 by aliceham


I was just posting to ask wether you think that having a teletubby-like dome in the middle of percys outside enclosure is a good idea. it will be basically a big upside bowl with soil heaped on it is this a good idea?
it will have sand inside and have a perpex window so it will warm up. also, how will i stop the rain from trickling in if it starts to rain.


Re: Oustside dome
Posted: 21/08/2010 by TPGDave

I like it, good idea. :)

I wouldnt worry about a little rain to be honest, very little would get in from above.

Can I just suggest two entrances though, just in case one was to get blocked with the tortoise inside? A long shot but plastic will hold heat and itll get quite warm in there in full sun, unless there is a very deep layer of soil covering it.


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