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horsefields weight??
Posted: 20/08/2010 by mypetturbo

Hello there i was wondering if someone can tell me a bit about my tortoise, we got it 3 weeks ago from a lovely breeder and it been going very well. we was told its a year old and when we got home we weighed it and it was 109g, i have weighed again today and it now saying 118g is this ok for 3weeks???? just want to check the weight is ok?? many thanks lisa.xxClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: horsefields weight??
Posted: 20/08/2010 by TPGDave

Hello and welcome from me.

I think theres a natural tendency to go a bit mad with the feeding with a new tortoise, I've done it myself! 9 grams in 3 weeks isn't too bad for a 100+ gram tortoise in my opinion and a lot depends on hydration, growth etc.

A healthy weight for a tortoise is linked to its size, the Straight Carapace Length or SCL. There is a chart called the McIntyre ratio where you can plot weight and length against an ideal line. Hope this link to it works,

and heres how to measure the straight carapace length of a tortoise


Hope this helps


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