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Advise on claws needed
Posted: 15/08/2010 by Ezzitigger

Hi, I have a 2 year old horsfield and was wondering how long should his claws be as they are about half a centimetre long and very sharp??? Also how old should a tortoise be for hibernation??? Thanks

Re: Advise on claws needed
Posted: 20/08/2010 by TPGDave

Hello there,

Horsfields are diggers by nature and they use their front claws to assist with this. If you keep them on a decent substrate like soil/sand with slates, stones and wood to climb over and around their claws will maintain themselves at a natural length through wear.

Hibernation for a two year old, I'd probably go for 8 weeks if its your first time but I had some very young Horsfields last year who hibernated  naturally for 18 weeks without any issues.


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