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sex of a young horsfield
Posted: 14/08/2010 by winnie

Hi Guys,

I have a theory on the sex of my smallest new arrival and was wandering if I could run it passed you's!.

I know he/she is to small/young to know sex but I've been looking at the back end of my little one and have noticed that it does have a little length to it's tail and it's always held to the side, tucked under the shell. Do you think it's looking more towards "it's a boy" coz I do, or am I making something out of nothing. I am really hoping for two girls but have a feeling I'm not going to be disappointed with my guess.

Thanks in advance, winnie

Re: sex of a young horsfield
Posted: 14/08/2010 by DavidWYork

Hello Winnie, an interesting question and suggestion. Certainly with adult Spur-thighed, females do not in my experience "tuck", males certainly do. I cannot answer your question, but see where you are coming from! Tail study needed. I hope this brings you lots of replies...and even an answer one way or the other. Perhaps members will post pics of youngsters they are fairly certain of to help.Good luck.

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