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could someone advise
Posted: 12/08/2010 by Tortyluv

I've had my lil tort for a week now and although i have been reading up on them for quite sometime as most of you know the information available is so contradicting (to say the least!!) i get severe headaches trying to do the best for my lil tort and desperatley wish to get it right.
how often should i bath my 1year herman at the moment I'm bathing it once aday.
I brought it with table filled with hemp bedding which ive now found out is hazard to its health. so will be replacing with substrate.
Should i be feeding it twice a day morning and evening? and has one got suggestions for what i can cover the bottom of table with before i put substrate in to protect the wood but which wont be harmful to me tort?
thanks my fellow torty luvs x

Re: could someone advise
Posted: 12/08/2010 by DavidWYork

Hi there. Do not panic about the substrate, it will do while you sort yourself out in next few days. I would line base of tort table with pond liner plastic or an offcut of vinyl floor covering...ask a local carpet fitter, they must chuck loads away!

My best advice is to get reading this site thoroughly.There is so much info it can blow your mind at first. However, if you have the temperature and lighting right and plenty of shade too, thats a good start. It does all feel a bit full on reading some entries, but I am sure you will get answers from fellow keepers. I have only ever kept adult torts so cannot offer advice on specifics. Presuming you have read care sheets on this site, and looked at photos of set-ups for ideas.

Best wishes, David in York


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