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new user
Posted: 10/08/2010 by LISAM

hi i have just registered to the site and wanted to say hi. have just adopted a hermanns tortoise who we believe to be approx 40 yrs old.his previous owner died of old age and we have taken mr,tortimus on.we have no experience of tortoises and would really appreciate any advice on how to give mr.tortimus a happy life.

am loving the site and the info is sooo helpful.


Re: new user
Posted: 10/08/2010 by Tortyluv

wow!! forty lol I'm a mew user too ive just got a tiny baby herman whose 13months how bigs your tortoise? all the best for the future

Re: new user
Posted: 10/08/2010 by DavidWYork

Lucky tortoise, gaining a new, enthusiastic keeper!

My suggestion is that you first click on photo gallery on left of this page and look at members' enclosures, then read care sheets...remembering you will not be expert after 24 hours. Take time to find sunniest part of your garden (part with longest exposure to direct sun) which is not in public view.

Now spend time trolling through this sites and member questions and answers...again resist panic. Also be aware that your tort may be feeling upset with change of ownership and location Some take weeks before they seem happy and contented. I would also weigh and measure him and check where he fits on the "Jackson Ratio" (google it it will soon make sense)

Next check the vetlist and be aware which vet you would use in emergency. Now digest it all and keep in touch with this website. I have been a member or several paying societies over the years. I came across this one in spring of this year and cannot fault it! I am still picking up tips from the admin and members...and I have kept torts for many years. Do not feel stupid asking even basic questions...the fools are those who do not ask, not those who do.

Good luck, prepare for obsession to set in soon, and mark this site in your favourites box. Have a great time finding out all you need to know!

    Very best wishes from David in York.

Re: new user
Posted: 12/08/2010 by LISAM

hi guys, have added a picture of mr.tortimus for all to see.he seems very happy to have free run of my 60ft x 60ft garden,which is covered in clover!

mr.tortimus had a bath yesterday and my 13yr old son was in complete awe of him.he seems very happy and is eating really well,even had him eating from my hand.!!!!!!!!!

thanx for replies and am now becoming obsessed with my tortoise.

Re: new user
Posted: 12/08/2010 by Tortyluv

ive had my tort for a week and i'm more nervous and protective than I've ever been with a pet although your comments were not for me lol. I found them very reasuring.
And as you say I've already become obssessed with min lol!


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