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Hatchling Emerging
Posted: 27/07/2010 by Nicole

One of my hatchlings has just started to emerge, but he is emerging bottom up and head is downwards into the substrate. Will he be able to get enough air to continue with his emergence?
Many thanks

Re: Hatchling Emerging
Posted: 27/07/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Nicole,

Congratulations Click and drag me down to the editor looking at your pic all looks pretty normal to me.


Re: Hatchling Emerging
Posted: 06/08/2010 by Nicole

Hi Ali
Pleased to report this little chap emerged safe and sound followed by 5 healthy siblings! Two unhatched eggs remain 10 days on. We figured that they must be infertile especially as our breeding female is 60 now and any fertilized egggs are a bonus. As we are going on holiday tomorrw we broke open the first one to investigate and confirm it was unfertilized and were shocked to see a fully formed baby which we assumed dead in the shell...the shoci was to see that it was actually alive and with its full yolk attached. Looking through the site I was amazed to read a reply you posted to another member about your experience with this. With a heavy heart I have put him in a little pot within what shell remains and put the pot back in the incubator. I am worrying about him dehydrating in the incubator and I am not expecting him to survive come the morning moreso due to the shock he must surely have suffered. It is a huge learning curve as to when to give up on unhatched eggs and unfortunately I read your reply too late to consider giving it another week. It has gone to teach us that there is always hope for unhatched eggs weeks after the first egg pips and patience is the key. It has been a hugely upsetting experience for us but we are crossing our fingers tightly for our little unborn to make it through :o((( Thanks for your invaluable advice on this really is my tortoise bible and I recommend it to all tortoise owners new and old.


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