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Is it too hot outside??
Posted: 26/07/2010 by Nova

Hi guys,

We have a baby tortoise that we've just taken in (it was found wandering in a gutter in Abu Dhabi, UAE). It loves it when i put it's cage in the sun, and i was thinking of putting it outside for a bit during the day. The trouble is, it's summer here, and gets up to 45 or maybe 50C some days. Is that too hot for the wee thing?



Re: Is it too hot outside??
Posted: 26/07/2010 by tpgAli


Yes this is far too hot for any tortoise and even though they are at ground level i should imagine the temps are not much cooler there. You could try using a digital thermometer to check the temps but you may find its still too hot. Can you put them out at the times of day when its cooler or not? You need to look for a temp around 32c


Re: Is it too hot outside??
Posted: 27/07/2010 by Nova

I figured as much. I've been putting her in the sun by the window a lot, it really is baking here outside.

Re: Is it too hot outside??
Posted: 28/07/2010 by VivTPG

Hi Nova, is there a shaded area in your garden, or add an enclosed hut for it to escape the heat/sun.  I would avoid putting the tort in the window as this may be even hotter.  Make sure there are large water bowls in the enclosure for the tort to climb in to cool down and drink.

Regards Vivienne

Re: Is it too hot outside??
Posted: 28/07/2010 by Nova

Thanks for the advice! She has a shady spot in her enclosure to hide under ( i say she, but i really have no idea what sex it is!) and there's always at least half of the space she has that isn't in direct sunlight. Finding it quite hard to find a good balance of temp for her, as it's just so blimmim' hot here! We have pretty much no garden to speak of, everything is paved here, and what bare ground we have is sand. Actually quite surprised that people buy tortoises here, it doesn't seem to be the ideal climate at all. Obviously someone thought it was too hard and let her go anyway, just awful. I can't put her enclosure outside as it really does get upwards of 45C out there and not much cooler at night, and i'm worried she'll bake. I've been bathing her every day, and she has water she can have whenever he wants in her wee space. Off to get some play sand and plain topsoil this wknd to sort out her floor so i can put a proper little pool in for her.


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