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Posted: 03/07/2010 by Hazel S

Hi everyone
I live about 6 miles from Bromley where recently there has been several tortoise thefts. Being of an anxious disposition I of course have now convinced myself that the thieves will be coming here next! I'm so worried that I don't leave him out in the garden in the day when i have to go out. Basil's not to impressed as his indoor pen is probably too small. I realise I'm probably sounding paranoid but any ideas on keeping him secure? It seems that tortoises are being taken from secure gardens so am I being over the top in bringing him when I go out? At the moment he is in a pen like a large rabbit run but I wondered if I constructed something using that wooden border edging it would look like part of the garden and not draw attention to where he is. Thus making him more difficult to find since he is an expert at blending in. Anyway any advice or reassurance you can give would be gratefully received as my stress levels are through the roof on this one. That is until he has to hibernate......!

Best wishes

Re: Security
Posted: 03/07/2010 by TPGDave

Hi Hazel

It is a real concern in the South East at the moment. I thunk your idea of making the enclosure look like part of the garden is a good one. On the positive side the recent hot weather means that outdoor tortoises are spending more of their time hidden away when the day
is hottest amd you know how hard they are to find wjen they do that. They blend very well and will hopefully go unnoticed.


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