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Posted: 19/06/2010 by janice

Just to let you know.

It is day 63 and my first egg is starting to hatch. We have a small hole in it and are able to see movement in the egg over the hole. Are we excited or what.

The other egg that was laid at the same time is showing no signs of hatching yet. We are not so sure that it will as it was pinkish in colour but has gone whiter recently. It will be left in the incubater anyway with the other clutch of eggs.

It will be our first hatchling ever. The camera is out ready.

Miracles do happen.


Posted: 19/06/2010 by VivTPG

Ahhhh, Janice that is great news, cant wait to see the pics!


Posted: 20/06/2010 by janice

Thanks for that Viv.

Baby has drank a couple of times in the saucer of water and has actually eaten a little which I didnt expect. It has loads of energy and could dig for England. Truly a horsefield. Still cant believe it being here with us.

Still excited, Janice.


Posted: 21/06/2010 by VivTPG

Thats great news Janice, you can put the baby straight into a table enclosure under the correct lights etc, sounds like it will thrive!

Has the other one hatched yet? regards Vivienne

Posted: 22/06/2010 by janice

The other egg has not hatched yet but am a litle unsure if it will as it has a pinkish tinge to it. I have two more eggs from the second clutch which are both white like the one that has hatched which are 4 weeks behind my hatched one. I would love it if they all hatched.



Posted: 06/11/2011 by d.hameedi

Where do you get an incubator and how can you tell a female and a male

Posted: 07/11/2011 by TPGDarren


With all species the male has a longer tail. There are also other differences between a male and female, depending on the species.

May I ask what species you keep?

Kindest Regards


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