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Tortoise found in garden in Dubai
Posted: 08/06/2010 by buttmonki

I know nothing about tortoises, I live in Dubai. Yesterday we saw two Myna birds jumping on something on the patio in our garden, it turns out it is a tortoise, it must have wandered into the garden from somewhere. I am finding it very difficult to find out if tortoises are found in the wild in Dubai or if it is someone's pet that has escaped. I am reluctant to post any kind of 'tortoise found' advertisement as there are so many conmen here that will take it saying it is theirs then sell it for a variety of reasons or just make tortoise soup. So firstly does anyone know if there are wild tortoises found in Dubai, united Arab Emirates? It is quite small (maybe 5 inches) quite flat compared to the tortoises I have seen in the UK, it has yellow stripes on it's legs and red spots on it's face. If it is wild should I just take it out to the desert and release it there so it can go on it's way? Otherwise it is welcome to stay in the garden but does it require any care? We have a lawn and a few bushes but should I put out some water on a plate or something and does it need any food? Also it keeps on coming onto the patio and lying in the sun is this good for it in 45degree heat and should I build some kind of mesh roof it can walk under when it does lie there to stop the birds attacking it?

Re: Tortoise found in garden in Dubai
Posted: 15/06/2010 by Clairestortoise

Hi I notice this post is over a week old now and you havent had a reply. Im sure someone will come along soon and answer you asap. Im afraid I cant help you. sorry

Re: Tortoise found in garden in Dubai
Posted: 17/06/2010 by VivTPG

Hi, sorry for the delay in answering.  Yes you should leave a large bowl of water for it to climb in and drink, from your description it sounds like a turtle (that lives in water), but to be sure can you post a picture to help us identify it.  The sun is good for all torts and turtles, but also provide shade as the sun can seriously dehydrate them.

Hope you can post some pics and let us know how you get on

Regards Vivienne


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