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red foot diet
Posted: 16/05/2010 by chloenicole

I have a red foot tortoise who is now approx. 5, she has alway been on a diet of just veg and the occasional bit of fruit. But i have read in a few places that you should feed them a small ammount of dried cat food once a week, i have been very unsire whether to do this or not. I was wondering if anyone had any info on this, as i want the best diet possible for my tortoise.

Any info would be great :)



Re: red foot diet
Posted: 16/05/2010 by TPGDarren

Hi Chloe,

Redfoots do require a higher protein/amino-acid diet. Rehydrated dried cat food should be offered once a week. Ripe fruit is actually quite high in a Redfoot's diet in the wild and forms around 50% of their diet. Try and steer clear of Banana though. Flowers also form a large part of their diet.


Re: red foot diet
Posted: 17/05/2010 by chloenicole

Thanks, what sort of cat food is best? And should it be given once a week instead of normal food or alongside normal food?



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