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Eggs laid.
Posted: 17/04/2010 by janice

Just to let you know that Jet has laid both her eggs which have now been wiped and put into the incubator. We cant stop smiling.

You were spot on with the weight loss Dave, thank-you.  She lost 54 g and the eggs weigh 20 and 21 g. What a long wait we now have.

Janice.  Click and drag me down to the editor

Re: Eggs laid.
Posted: 17/04/2010 by TPGDarren


Re: Eggs laid.
Posted: 20/04/2010 by TPGDave

Congratulations Janice and well done Jet!

Re: Eggs laid.
Posted: 31/05/2010 by lorraine

hi janice ive just bought a incubator in case mine lays eggs can i ask a silly question when you have placed the eggs in the incubator do you just leave them or do you have to put water on anything in thanks lorraine

Re: Eggs laid.
Posted: 31/05/2010 by TPGDarren

Hi Lorraine,

I wash mine under a tap first with tepid water to remove any foreign bodies as a tortoise often deposits faeces when laying:-(
Humidity is very important and should be at around 70% for med tortoises. Failure to keep the humidty high enough will result in the albumin in the egg drying out. This often results in dead-in-shell babies. Best to get a Harr-Synth hygrometer to maintain the correct humidity. Other than misting with a rose sprayer (if your incubator struggles to mainitain a 70% humidity) they should be left alone for nature to take it's course:-)


Re: Eggs laid.
Posted: 07/06/2010 by lorraine

thanks darren as i wasnt sure what to do.


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