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New Keeper
Posted: 11/04/2010 by

Hello TPG Forum!

New to this, so sorry if it doesn't make sence!

I have emailed TPG about the rehoming because as a first time keeper, I would like a tortoise that is used to humans, sounds strange, but I just think that it would be better than getting a hatchling.

Does anyone have any tips or advice that they could give me about a rehomed tortoise, if they are a bit sad in a new house, or whatever, it sounds stupid, but I don't know if tortoises like the same people.

Sorry for the babble, up for advice!

Ta, Jamie

Re: New Keeper
Posted: 12/04/2010 by tortoise7

Hi Jamie Click and drag me down to the editor

That is lovely that you want to rehome, so pleased you aren't thinking of a Petshop or Garden Centre Click and drag me down to the editor Have you had/have any experience with tortoises? if not, it would be a really good idea to take time and look at  the care sheets on the "Tortoise" tab on the left. To see if you can offer them the environment that they need, and what species would be suited to you? the Meds are the hardiest for first time owners.
A very brief answer to your questions about a tortoise being sad.. torts love routine and familarity, so when taken away from that, they can tend to take a few days weeks to settle into their new home. It does really depend on the circumstances of the torts previous history (if known) on how you  help them to settle into their new home, e.g. bad eating habits, not well etc. Normally it is best not to handle them too much at first, let them come around to you, Patience and dedication is the main recipe I found.  
Hope this helps, I am sure others will be able to help you with their experience

Jane , Keya & Molly



Re: New Keeper
Posted: 13/04/2010 by


Yeah I thought it would be nice to have a rehomed one just because it seems the nicer thing to do really. I have been given the go ahead by my mum to be able to turn some of the garden into an outdoor walk about for it, and then maybe get some sort of rabbit hutch for it to sleep in on the night in summer? Or am I completely going off the tracks there?

I was thinking A Hermann or a Horsefield? I have been told they are good starters.
I have read the caresheets on here, and they are very good arn't they! Tell you all you need to know! They're ace! I have fish at the moment, and they seem to be going wrong, I give animals god knows how much love and attention and they just mess up on me! :(

I just think an animal I can call my own, sit on my knee, come to the cricket with would be such good fun!

Thanks for your help! Jamie


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