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just thought i let you know!!!
Posted: 29/03/2010 by happylittlebee

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hello guys :)

i just thought i let you know as when i saw this it really upset me & i felt so bad for them to be honest i just wanted to take these home & give them a better life & get them all well again,it really upset me & i was so sad when i walked away Click and drag me down to the editor

i took my children & my family to mcdonalds farm in brentwood other week or so ago & we was looking at all the animals as you do which seemed fine & in good cond but when we came to the tortoise section i felt so sad i just wanted to take them home & get them back to the health as i found there was 3 horsefeilds (which i have 3 these guys to) but mine are in perfect cond unlike these poor ones there shells was in a very bad way but thats nothing as i tried to look & i mean tried to look as its hard as the tank was so dirty you couldnt hardly see them,they was in a wooden box type with pv plastic glass type front but it was filthy in there,really bad it was so hard to see them the poor little ones,anyway getting back to my point i finally found a small clean patch so me being me checking out torts Click and drag me down to the editor one of the tortoises had a massive big bubble over his eye there is no way the tort could see at all out of it to be honest it made me feel so sick it upset me for the rest of the day i was complaing about it i just couldnt beleave what i see i have never in all my years have ever or had a tortoise in bad health like this was,i felt so needed vet seeing to him sap if its not blind already...made me sick to my stomach to be honest Click and drag me down to the editor

then as i was coming out of the barn i spotted other torts all in one encloser again the glass was dirty but no where near as bad as the others but in this encloser they had every speces you could think of all together,sulcuters,hermans,horsefeilds,indian stars (i think there called)???? & loads more i couldnt beleave it they looked so sad the sulcuter was so big there was no room really for him to go so he was just laying there,there was no hides or cool areas for them & no water bowls in any of the tanks i really wanted to take these home it made me sick,i tried to complain but the manger or owner wasnt in so they say??? & i just got brushed of basically... i dont think they have no knowledge at all on how to keep a tort & to have them many beautiful torts aswell & not no it makes me mad as there people out there who would care & love for torts & give them the best...makes me so angry!!!!

the other animals they had there was well looked after & it was a lovely nice day out & lovely for the children but the torts i wasnt happy about...maybe i care & love my torts to much & give them the best but come on,room,water & a lil care not much to ask is it? the tanks needs to be cleaned so badly you cannot hardly see the torts at all...discusting in my eyes!!!

sorry for going on but when i se a tort in distress it makes me go mad!!!

dont know if anything can be done,but i just thought i let you torts lovers to know aswell as i said the other animals & whole day was lovely & ideal for children apart from this,alot of people dont take no notice but i did i spotted these faults & ill health staright away :(

okay i best leave it there otherwise i be here all day moaning.x

take care

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