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redfoot pls help???
Posted: 28/03/2010 by happylittlebee

hello you lovely people just a couple of questions for you redfoot owners out there?Click and drag me down to the editor

i been more then lucky enough to be given a redfoot which is a large boy aswell the owners before kept it in a viv,but i really dont want to keep in a viv as my other torts are all on tables.

what have you done for your redfoot indoor encloser & outdoor encloser???

what substence do you use??? as i know it must be damp.x

shall i keep him out doors in a green house with a large encloser coming off it for the summer & not bring him in...starting from now???

or shall i have a indoors & outdoors???


all info will be very much greatful for,i have also done alot of reserch on this tort & know quite a bit now but i would like to talk to people who actully own a redfoot even better a large one like mine,but all info will be all taken on bored.

any info on redfoots i will be greatful for as you can never know enough.x

thankyou so much for taking your time to read this post please please let me know & if you could show me pics via here or email that will be fab.x

thankyou so much :) Click and drag me down to the editor xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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