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Experienced Enough?
Posted: 20/02/2010 by winnie

Please don't laugh but I was just wandering, am I experienced enough to get another tort?. I'll of had Queenie for 12 months in May (can't believe how quick it's gone) and have enjoyed every minute of it, including the scary hibernation part. I know that I've learned loads over this time about keeping a tort but I know there's still loads I've yet to learn but knowing that I have this site to fall back on makes me feel very confident. I would love to get another tort/two to go with Queenie. I think they are so sweet as hatchlings but I'd rather take on an adult as I want to be able to guarantee that they are female plus I'd be worried that Queenie may hurt a little baby but I'm just wandering whether I've enough experience to take on more, does this make sense?. 

Do you think that you need to be a tort owner for a few years?

Re: Experienced Enough?
Posted: 20/02/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Winnie,

I dont see a problem with you getting another tortoise. We never stop learning about them, ive kept tortoises for nearly 20 years now and still learn things from others experiences etc.

You go for it and good luck.



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