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fridge off?
Posted: 18/02/2010 by winnie

Now that Queenie is up and about can I switch her fridge off until next hibernation or do I have to leave it on for it to work properly. What do other people do with theirs once their torts are up (apart from fill it with alchohol).

Re: fridge off?
Posted: 18/02/2010 by tortoise7

Hi Winnie
Hmm sounds a good idea!!!
I turn mine off and get it cleaned up, leaving the door ajar so that it does not go mouldy. Although this year I am going to have a play with turning the temps up and down to see if next year I can do the wind down from the fridge rather running all over the house with thermometers trying to get the different temps.
Will be interested to see what others do, but I shouldn't think they keep the fridge running, what with the price of electricity..
Jane, Keya & Molly

Re: fridge off?
Posted: 18/02/2010 by tpgAli

Hi Winnie,

I leave mine running all year but only cos i use it for storing weeds for the torts plus the odd bottle of wine :-)

Shutting it down for the winter wont hurt.



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